Do I Look Hot? No, Just Tan

Can you believe this? Student housing in some areas of the country still demand tanning beds. Huh? I thought a crusty, leathery, skin-cancer-tastic-tan was sooo passé. Apparently, my pale ass is wrong.

"...[T]he debate continues to rage over tanning machines, an amenity in many dorms that some budding scholars consider as essential as high-speed Internet and good cuisine." says this article from the The Wall Street Journal. Really? That essential?
Turns out that there is a demand for the lay-down-and-relax tanning beds over those where you stand-up. That's really no surprise. After arguing with your college housemate you probably want to take a load off. I'm just curious how any college student can afford an apartment that comes with tanning salon amenities.

Equally strange, the demand for tanning beds is highest in sunny areas, including Florida, Texas and Arizona. Why in places where students could easily opt for the real thing?

As the article quotes, it's all about speed. Why sit in the sun when you can microwave yourself faster? All I can say is that you'll probably regret those suntan sessions when you wrinkle up like an old leather couch.

via The Wall Street Journal
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