Crush the Castle's Double Hit

The castle smashing action of ArmorGames' Crush the Castle got two welcome surprises this week -- a fan pack that celebrates the creative efforts of players and a version of the game for iPhone.

For the uninitiated, Crush the Castle tasks players with tossing the right bomb or rocks towards a castle-like structure with a Trebuchet (yeah, big catapult). Inside each castle are kings, queens and knights and you're rated on how many throws it will take to wipe them out. With Monty Python style death groans, sending royalty to the great hereafter gets a touch of humor.

When players finished all the original game's levels they gained access to a map editor that allowed them to create there own castles. Of course, gamers uploaded their creations and many of the best were selected for the new Crush the Castle Player's Pack. With more lands to conquer and no limit on how many shots you attempt, crushers are given gold, silver and bronze metals for completing the level with the least amount of shots.

The iPhone/iPod Touch version uses the same 50 Players Pack maps as well and while its fun, its really difficult to judge the distance between the trebuchet and the target, which makes for several misplaced shots. Best of all, the iPhone/iPod Touch version comes with a Castle Editor so you can try to achieve the ultimate in fortifications.

Play Crush the Castle Players Pack >>

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