Breaking into house? Don't use victim's computer to check your Facebook


Here's a hint; if you can't go five minutes without checking on your Facebook page, don't take up burglary as a career. According to the Martinsburg, W. Va. Journal, 19-year-old Jonathan G. Parker took the time, while in the midst of a home invasion, to log into his Facebook account on his victim's computer.

Sadly, Parker forgot to log out. When the victim returned, she found that she had been robbed of two diamond rings, valued in excess of $3,500. She also found Parker's Facebook account still open on her PC. I was unable to find his page to see if he'd written a post during the burglary, along the lines of "OMG, I'm breaking and entering!"

The police found out from one of the victim's friends that Parker was staying in the area. He was busted shortly thereafter. Parker, from Fort Loudoun, Pa., is in the hoosegow on $10,000 bail, facing 10 years in the joint. His Facebook page may not be updated regularly for a while.

Parker now becomes a candidate for WalletPop's Stupidest Thief Of The Year award. Another candidate is being pursued by the police of Suffolk, Va. He took the time during a burglary to take a photo of himself on the victim's cell phone. He left the phone behind. This clown's candidacy, however, depends on his capture. The $1,000 reward offered should be sufficient to put a name to his charming visage.

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