Kitchen Earthworms the Next Wriggly Thing?

Keeping worms in the Kitchen?! Ewww!

Apparently not everyone is so grossed out. Kitchen composting is getting popular in New York City apartments according to The New York Times. Is a composting revolution rearing it's wriggly head?

Here's why composting with earthworms isn't as skin-crawly as you might imagine and why it's earth-friendly. Having roommates that look like "pulsing vermicelli" can help make your houseplants shine, and - get this - maybe even pay a portion of the rent!

Earthworms Eat Food Waste, and Plenty of It

Earthworms eat half their body weight every day. That's terrific because according to this New York Times article, food scraps like eggshells, coffee grinds, and vegetable peels account for 13% of our nation's trash. Diverting your portion helps reduce landfill waste and by extension everything that goes along with that, such as fuel to haul trash away and associated waste management fees or taxes.

Earthworms Make Your Plants Pretty
Collecting "earthworm tea," the liquid earthworms produce, is the food of choice for plants. Your houseplants will look fantastic. (And plants are necessary to maintain good air quality in your apartment.) You can also donate the earthworm casting material to your local community garden or urban farm.

Earthworms Might Help Pay Your Rent
Yep, there's a market for selling earthworms. How much you could make? Not sure. Still, raising earthworms could be your next apartment-based business. Read about other wild apartment-based businesses here.

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