Why Men Shouldn't Pick the Bed

First there was the Archie Bunker, Unsightly Recliner, then there was the Man Cave (where that recliner often ended up along with gargantuan entertainment systems only men could rationalize), and now behold - The Dude Bed. Please say it ain't so.

But no. It is so, according to a Wall Street Journal piece today. These über-pricey models boast such unnecessary options as TVs that rise from the footboard, surround sound, even a damn safebuilt in. Ain't no one gettin' laid in that bed. Hmmm ... maybe this is men's revenge.

I'm not sure I trust Hollandia International, the company responsible for several of the beds. Look what they designed for women ...

Umm, the "cozy kangaroo throw"?? I don't think so. I suspect there's some stereotyping going on. I suppose this super-sexy, wannabe Snuggie has a built-in oven, too.

Well, there you have it. Definitely no one's getting laid in this house.

Except... maybe... the stud in this Dude Bed has a chance...

That's right, he not only has a 32-inch TV, but he can set the mood with the LED florescent canopy-top lights, that's right, ladies. AND, this ladies man can seal the deal, when he pulls a frosty bottle from the built-in Champagne holder. You know it.

In all seriousness: I dare any bachelor to bring a lady home to this $50,000 monstrosity. She will run. Fast.
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