Warriors-themed "Street Brawl" Facebook Game Launches


Looks like video game publishers are getting wind of social games' popularity on Facebook. Marketing group 6 String Media has launched The Warriors: Street Brawl App, based on the popular 1970s cult-action movie. The game lets you and your social networked friends can take sides in a street gang war, vote for the outcome of individual battles and move up the leaderboard.

The app lets you challenge your friends, pick one of three customized videos (with the power of magic they're able to pull both of your names into the short clip) to send over and convince other friends to vote. Each brawl lasts 24 hours, and the results of each battle are tracked in the stats area.

Unfortunately, Street Brawl lacks the compelling features that would make it much more than a promotional tool for the new Xbox Live Arcade game of the same name (it comes out today). It's an interesting tie-in, but it's difficult to use, has only two activities (challenge or vote) and features advertising for the paid game so prominently and often that we felt cheap inviting our friends to use the app.

That said, we're eager to see video game publishers integrating their products more with social networks -- innovation doesn't happen overnight. This isn't the first time we've seen video game publishers reach out with short, free applications eitther - last month Rockstar created the Chinatown Wars Fortune Cookie app for the launch of their new GTA game as well.

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Did you try the Warriors Street Brawl App? What did you think?