Plants vs. Zombies Grows Free Web Demo


Admittedly the oddest name for a game, Plants vs. Zombies might not sound like what you'd expect from the gaming masters at PopCap. Now you can experience what millions of others call their favorite pastime by playing the newly released a Flash version of Plants vs. Zombies.

So what's the hook? In the full game, you control the Plants side as you make use of 40 peashooters, cherry bombs and other garden munitions in the direction of a zombie invasion. Of course, with over two dozen types of zombies that use defenses like pole vaulting over chestnut barriers and pots on their heads to protect them from peashooters, you'll continually alter your strategies to decide how to deal with the zombie problem. While the cute and colorful graphics may make you think that it's best suited for the kids, you'll quickly discover a deep and challenging experience.