Food-Blog Nerd Alert

My RSS reader is stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey with every conceivable food blog. Pork-only? Check. Vegetarian? Yes. Pretty cakes? Yup. Ugly cakes? Uh-huh. Recession-friendly, wine-focused, cupcake-centric, health-conscious, I've got them all. So please allow me to provide you with a weekly roundup of what's hot so that at least one of us can have a life.

Food Blog Roundup, Sept. 23
  • Classic Spaghetti Carbonara at Serious Eats, and its less-meaty cousin Zucchini Carbonara over at Simply Recipes (don't be fooled by the veggie-sounding name -- pancetta, plus a cup of cheese and 4 eggs make this one h-e-a-v-y zuchinni dish!)
  • An awesome t-shirt find by Pork, Knife and Spoon, and my new personal motto: Bacon is my Co-Pilot
  • Not so fast with the compost bin: Re-Nest has 7 creative uses for a banana peel before you chuck it out
  • Cute as buttons: tiny paper souffle cups for small desserts, appetizers, any other scaled-down grub. Via The Kitchn
  • Tasty-looking grilled lamb kebabs with tzatziki at Smitten Kitchen. I can smell the warm salt air of Greece right now!
  • 17 spooky Halloween-themed cupcake ideas at Better Homes & Gardens. Halloween already? Eeeek!
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