Can't a Cougar Catch a Break?


Apparently not in Brooklyn.

Some ruthless graffiti artist went to town on this ad for "Cougar Town," the new Courtney Cox ABC sit-com premiering tonight, giving old Court a new, shall we say, rugged look.

Her look on the show, in fact, has already been of some controversy. The New York Times pointed out that although her real-estate agent character looks down on the classic tight-clothed, Botoxed-to-hell cougar stereotype, Cox is in fact just that. But aside from that minor quibble, critic Alessandra Stanley dug the show. Bill Laurence, creator of "Scrubs" helped sculpt Cox's character: a divorced, Florida real estate agent whose putting herself back on the market. Supporting characters include a teenage son, bum ex-husband and playboy neighbor. Sounds like a good premise. I'd take that with a side of off-kilter, "Scrubs"-like humor.

See for yourself tonight. "Cougar Town" premieres on ABC at 9:30 p.m. eastern. And in case you were wondering, if you call the number on the sign (877-528-5255), you'll get a "message" from character Jules Cobb.