Big Things in Small Packages (Celebrities & Apartments)

Petite 5'1" Christina Ricci was recently seen house hunting with her fiance, ginormous 6'6" Owen Benjamin in Los Angele's Silver Lake area. Maybe that's why her Park Oak residence is up for sale?

Let's have a look...

The tile-roofed residence on Park Oak Drive measures 2,428 square feet and includes 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. Everyone would get their own bathroom if the house were rented to three friends. Plus, it'd be a great pad for a party... check out the pool!

If Ricci's house was a rental you'd probably be the only kid on the block with refinished wood floors stained a glamorous deep blue. I love how those floors contrast with the clean and bright white walls. Very restrained and classy.

Speaking of petite... could you live in an apartment that's only 175 square feet?

This "micro-studio" is just ten feet by fourteen feet. For starters, you'd probably need more storage! You'd be wise to pare belongings down to just a few well-loved pieces and keep it really, really tidy.

On the market for just $195,000, this tiny apartment may be the most affordable you could own in Manhattan. Too bad it already sold.

via Real Estalker and New York Magazine
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