Want to simplify your life? Let me count the (50) ways


Third Age

has created a list of 50 ways to leave your clutter, both physically and emotionally. Basically, it comes down to A) identifying what's most important to you, and B) eliminating everything else.

That's the short list, and I'm not going to delve into all 50 points in the long list, but here are a few of the valid points made that we could all learn from. The writer suggests focusing on one point at a time among the ones that appeal to you, personally, and when you're done with that one, move on to the next.

At the top of the list, it is suggested and I agree that prioritizing is a must. What are the top four or five most important things in your life? Focus on the activities, hobbies and/or side businesses that you love doing and drop whatever doesn't line up with those activities.

Point 14 encourages us to create a simplicity statement that details what we want our simple life to look like and then write it down. As point 18 suggests, don't forget to include loved ones in your plan.

Time management is essential. I know I've been guilty of wasting time on frivolous tasks rather than focusing on my priorities. Points three to six encourage us to think about all the stuff we do at home and at work and do only essential tasks. Try to eliminate all the other stuff by automating, delegating or hiring help. Some people can't say "no" and so take on too much. Remember your list of priorities.