Scribblenauts, Heads Up! Play the Best Drawing Games Online

You may have seen ads for a new Nintendo DS game, Scribblenauts, around town lately -- the creative puzzle game lets users type in almost any word to generate objects and solve the level. But if you don't have a DS (or like us, love to sneak in a few discreet rounds of gaming during office breaks) and still want some scribbling action, here are our top picks for best free online games that will let you sketch, doodle and draw to your heart's content.

Pictionary-Style Games (players take turns drawing an image while others guess what it is)


Like the other games in this category, iSketch awards points for correctly guessing others' drawings within the given time limit. Here, multiple people are allowed to correctly answer (the chat will not display correct answers until the end of the round), but you only have a short amount of time before the first person answers correctly to get points. You'll also get points for drawing an object and having multiple people guess it correctly.

iSketch's unique features include a multitude of rooms to play in (ranging from level of difficulty to language to themes -- users can even create their own rooms) as well as a Studio mode that lets you practice drawing or create your own works of art outside of the game.

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Draw My Thing

Draw My Thing features one of the more user-friendly layouts of the drawing games bunch -- it's polished, doesn't require a sign-in to play, and it even drops you into a random room automatically so you don't have to wait to play. It gives you the standard tools needed to draw an object (different colors and line widths) as well as a large drawing surface. The chat and guessing space is integrated (like iSketches) but only the first person to guess correctly will receive points. And if players are taking too long to guess the word, Draw My Thing will reveal the answer one letter at a time.

Play Draw My Thing now >

Draw It

Draw It is the Post-It note sponsored version of the drawing game -- you'll find stickies, tabs and note paper from the company used as elements in the game's layout. Advertising aside, Draw It features user-created rooms, a hint system like Draw My Thing, and the ability for multiple people to guess the correct word. It has a smaller canvas and lacks the large number of people that tend to play the other drawing games though, so if you're looking for themed rooms and a bigger crowd, you may want to try one of the other versions.

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Adventure Games (players draw lines to solve puzzles, not multiplayer)

Line Rider

Line Rider is a cute physics-based game where your goal is to create a track for your tiny sledder to traverse. Using your mouse, you can draw hills and drops to accelerate the rider through more hills and loops. We've seen crazy tracks being created with this tool (it's less game-y since you don't score points or have a level finish) -- it's a great toy to let your imagination run wild. Check out the video below for one of our favorite video creations from this game.

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Free Rider

Free Rider is a much more complex version of Line Rider -- you are given tools to draw straight lines, curved lines and even set goal points for your rider to reach (this one defaults to a bike, but you can change the vehicle to a truck, a unicycle or even a squishy black box). You can also control the rider using the arrow keys while you're testing the track. It's also easy to share levels since the game generates a unique code for each creation that you can simply copy/paste to load, and it gives you an in-game camera to capture your finest tracks. In the end, Free Rider is much more robust than Line Rider (but also might take a little more effort to master). Check out one of our favorite video creations below!

Play Free Rider now >

What do you think of the games we listed? Did we forget any of your favorite scribble and drawing games? Let us know below!

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