PlayFirst Looks to Astrology with Gemini First


The makers of DinerDash have a long history with making the seemingly mundane tasks of our lives a little more fun. Now PlayFirst is taking a leap into what it's calling a "life-simulation" game called Gemini Lost. While we thought it was a competitor for The Sims, the game's premise revolves around a group of villagers that are transported to an unknown land where they must find 12 astrological symbols in order to return home.

Of course, players will need to control each of the villagers as they cut wood, mine for stone and other materials, used in their quest for the symbols. Developing seven tools, researching upgrades, outsmarting 20 puzzles and earning the game's 20 puzzles makes Gemini Lost fun for all ages. You can download it for PC or Mac from the PlayFirst site.

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