Massucci's Take: Is social-media making us less social?


Recently, I noticed I'm using fewer cell phone minutes as I spend more time on Twitter and Facebook. It has me wondering, is social media making me less social?

How about President Barack Obama? Will he be less likely to speak his mind in public after ABC News reporters used Twitter to spread his off-the-record comment about Kanye West acting like a "jackass" on MTV's video music awards show?, owned by DailyFinance's parent company AOL, then published audio and video of those comments. Will such incidents cause celebrities and non-celebrities to be more on guard for fear that their every move may be made public via social media?

It seems plausible, especially as more of us walk around with cell phones equipped with cameras, voice and video recorders. Fact is, we're all in danger of having embarrassing behavior broadcast to the world.