Let go my LEGO: British TV host fights to save huge toy home


And now, a housing crisis story that does not involve greedy bankers, bad mortgages or even a recession: just a whole lot of teeny weeny bricks about to get scattered unless someone steps in with either a lot of cash or a storage shed the size of a jumbo jet hangar.

In fact, by any child's standard -- especially those crazy for Bionicles, Duplo and LEGO Agents -- this endangered property represents the ultimate dream house. But the address in question, a two-story Lego domicile in England, faces certain demolition Tuesday unless a last-minute reprieve comes through.

The house, built from more than 3 million LEGO bricks, is the brainchild of James May, host of the forthcoming BBC-TV series "Toy Stories." On that show, May takes a nostalgic look at classic toys and concocts challenges based on them. About 1,000 volunteers helped May build the LEGO house, which sits on a British wine estate in Dorking, Surrey.