Five Gateway Social Games and Why They're So Addicting

Social games are like drugs -- once you get hooked on one, you'll find yourself adding a whole slew of them to your repertoire. Here are the top five gateway social games on Facebook and their addictive qualities, but don't say we didn't warn ya!

Mafia Wars

Why it's addictive: Because we love the Godfather.

Take out rogue cops, jailbreak some made men and whack a rival crew leader -- it's all in a day's work in Mafia Wars. Energy points (they replenish daily) and the right setup (like an armored truck and a few getaway cruisers for that bank heist) let you pull off jobs to earn money and gain experience. Invest that money into profit-generating properties from delis to hotels, and with a little help from your friends you'll be top mafia boss in no time.

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