Chrysler switches to digital owner's manuals with 2010 models


Starting with the new Chrysler models owners will find something missing in their glovebox -- a hard copy owner's manual.

In an effort to trim costs, save 20,000 trees a year and be more consumer friendly, Chrysler will put the owner's manuals on DVD instead of printing them.

The good news is that Chrysler doesn't plan to leave you stranded if you need to know how to change a tire, jump start a car, diagnose warning lights and other standard operations. You can find these guides in the condensed and easier to navigate "User's Guide," an 80-90 page listing of need to know items that will be included in each Chrysler's glove box.

The reason for the switch, a first amongst car makers, is a sound one. I don't know if you've looked at an owner's manual lately but they've gotten bigger in recent years and the table of contents still appear to have been organized and labeled by a half drunk orangutan.