Amazon wants to sell you cheap cables and connectors


Cables, connectors, adapters; you can't have a gadget these days without needing some kind of extra cord to connect device A to device B. And most of the time retail stores and name brands charge an arm and a leg for the simple pleasure of connectivity.

When the AmazonBasics cables begin shipping, shoppers will find it easier and cheaper than ever to get their gadgets connected.

The AmazonBasics offerings include the following cables and media at prices much lower than you'll find in retail stores and on par with online retailers.

  • HDMI cables

  • Component and Optical cables

  • USB and Firewire cables

  • Ethernet cables

  • Blank CDs and DVDs

As an added bonus, the private label cables and blank media are shipped in "frustration free packaging" so you don't have to worry about taking a trip to the ER before you enjoy your new-found connectivity.

The cables qualify for free Super-Saver shipping with a $25 minimum and also for Amazon Prime. I'm certain that my friend, who is a Prime member, would have gladly waited an extra day or simply added an AmazonBasics cable to his gadget purchase instead of going to Walmart and paying nearly 4 times the cost for the same cable.

Competitors like and still offer slightly lower priced cables and even cut Amazon's low prices in half with sales offers, but the convenience of buying a cheap branded cable from Amazon is something many consumers will be quick to adopt. That's reason enough for the expensive cable manufacturers like Monster to get more than a little nervous!

It is worth noting that you can already buy cheap cables, like this 6 ft HDMI cable on Amazon for a penny plus $2.98 shipping from a third party seller, but it lacks a powerful brand like Amazon, which will work to ensure a quality cable, and a one-year warranty.