Upgrading from Windows XP to 7? Start with some aspirin


Microsoft has begun heavy ad rotation for advertisements for its newest operating system Windows 7; you may have seen the one that features a charming toddler extolling the happiness it will bring to the computer world.

Color me skeptical, having been stung before by Windows OS "updates." I had a chance to talk with Vishal Dhar, the founder of iYogi, a service that provides brand-independent Windows OS customer service to the 90,000 customers who have signed up for its 24/7 tech support.

What can we expect with the launch of Windows 7?

"Windows Vista to Windows 7 migration should be virtually seamless. Where we see a challenge is in Windows XP migration to 7." Dhar pointed out that 70% of Windows users didn't upgrade from XP to Vista, so the large majority of users will be facing this larger jump. A recent iYogi survey showed that almost half of consumers it polled expect to call tech support for help in the process.