Old Type Hot at Gift Fair

If you love typography, you're in luck. Wood-type letters are everywhere. Vintage shops, flea markets, and now the New York International Gift Fair.

Years ago I bought some old wooden letters from a vintage store in Virginia. I assumed they came from some sort of printing press. I was drawn to them but had no idea how to display them so they sat on a shelf for years looking a little strange and collecting dust. Until now. ...
I may have come across my solution. Recently at the New York International Gift Fair I spotted this treatment of the same wood-type letters at theStyle de Vie booth, a vintage poster and print gallery from California. They arranged the letters in a linen-lined shadow box for a simple and graphic presentation. Look below to see how they arranged the letters. Some were just clumped together into shapes for more of an abstract look, and others were lined up into words. They also used this method to display children's wooden blocks. I've never been a big fan of shadow boxes but I may have just changed my mind.

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