Radio talk show host accused of identity theft, bank fraud

A real estate investment guru who hosted a radio talk show and investing seminars was arrested in Dallas on fraud and identity theft charges, the FBI said.

Clifford Wayne Robertson, 43, of Murphy, Texas, was taken into custody Friday in Dallas by the FBI. He is accused of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft for allegedly trying to obtain financing since 2007 using someone else's personal information.

Earlier this year, TV station WFAA in Dallas aired complaints from several people who claimed Robertson bilked them out of their life savings. They described a man who built up trust using an inflated resume and operating under a host of business names who got them to buy property sight unseen. What they didn't know was Robertson also ran the companies selling the properties in terrible condition at inflated prices.

He also was accused of running up charges on his followers credit cards.

"You've got a one-man wrecking crew here that is crossing the board on all types of criminal violations -- whether it be identity theft, mortgage fraud, investment fraud, Ponzi schemes," Michael Anderson, assistant special agent in charge at the Dallas office of the FBI told WFAA earlier this year. "Our response to that is he needs to be stopped."

Robertson had been a host on CNN 1190 in Texas, and talked up his investing strategies on the show. The station is not owned by CNN. It is an affiliate. A spokeswoman for CNN said the network has nothing to do with station operations.The show does not appear on the station's schedule.

Phones at Robertson's business number all ring straight into voice mail. His Web site recruiting people to pursue loans through his firm, has no information on it about him.

A review of federal court records by WalletPop also found that Robertson filed for bankruptcy in 2003 -- showing just $8 in his checking account at the time.

John M. Bales, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, said Robertson appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Amos L. Mazzant . A spokeswoman for Bales said he is due back in court on Wednesday.

If convicted, Robertson faces up to 32 years in federal prison.,feedConfig,entry&id=611309&pid=611308&uts=1253569619
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