Hire Me Twibbon and other tips for finding a job on Twitter

Twitter logoWhile Twitter might not be your first place to turn for a job, it's actually a really great place to go looking for work. Thanks to a new Twibbon, a ribbon you put on your Twitter avatar, you can make it incredibly clear to prospective employers that you're in the market.

By logging in to the Twibbon website with your Twitter account, you can choose to have a red "HIRE ME!" ribbon to the top of your profile picture, so that anyone you Tweet with knows that you're looking for work even without visiting your profile page and reading your Bio.
Speaking of your profile and bio. If you haven't already taken the time to put 160 characters about who you are into your Twitter Bio, you should. That means no, "I Heart Edward 4EVER Twilight RuleZ". Mashable's guide to "Find a Job on Twitter" recommends using these160 characters to showcase your job pitch just like your resume does.

You should also take 5 minutes to create a professional looking background for your Twitter page at TwitBacks.com. You can choose from many pre-designed backgrounds or upload your own image for the backdrop and TwitBacks lets you add a longer description, logo, profile picture and links to your other online presences like LinkedIn.

While you're on Twitter, don't expect your newly emblazoned avatar to do all the work for you; take time to build relationships and take part in conversations. Actions like those combined with a professional profile will give you an edge on finding a job on Twitter.

Twitter isn't just a place for freelancers to connect, it's also quickly becoming a popular place to post job ads and to publicize your search for a full-time job. With resources like TweetMyJobs and @MicroJobs, there's a little bit of everything available on Twitter.
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