Bookworm and Bejeweled Twist Coming to Nintendo DSi


Owners of the Nintendo DSi may have worried that downloading "good" games was still a future feature. In October, PopCap plans to change that feeling of buyer's remorse by releasing Bookworm for DSiWare, which will be followed by Bejeweled Twist on December 1. For players with the regular DS, you'll be able to buy both enhanced versions of the games in early 2010.

Many of you've already played Bookworm Adventures and Bejeweled Twist right here on, so you've got a taste of the action. Soon, Bookworm for DSiWare will bring that word making by linking letter tiles experience to the smaller Nintendo device but with two screens of play. The store version gets a new Bookworm Battle mode and 20 new Collectable Books.

Bejeweled Twist, which takes the classic gem-popping game and adds a unique challenge to players as the rotate a square of four gems, will also allow DSi or DS players to battle against one another over the devices WiFi connection. Players will also gain Flame, Lightning and Fruit Gems with new Bomb, Coal and Locked gems. For true fans, the store version for the DS adds three game modes: the quick gaming fix known as Zen, faster paced Blitz and Challenge.

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- Bejewled Twist

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