Book Your Next Wii Sports Resort Party on Facebook


Looking to invite your friends over for a Wii Sports Resort Party? Now it's easier than ever with the Wii Party Time Generator on Facebook. Yep, Nintendo created an application that lets you invite people on your Facebook friends list to attend a party. You can even up tournament games (archery, golf, swordplay, wakeboarding, bowling, air sports, cycling and canoeing), and name prizes for winners and fates for losers.

The Wii Party Time Generator, like other event-organizing services such as Evite, tracks who you've sent invites to and whether they've RSVPed. You can even add some trash talk to the invite to stir up some competition and track your party's success afterwards with photo albums.

Need a hand planning your next Wii Sports Resort party? Head over to Facebook to check out the Wii Party Time Generator app.