Europe Begins Ban on Bulb, We Applaud

Does what happen in Brussels stay in Brussels?

Restrictions on the import and sale of incandescent bulbs went into effect across most of Europe recently. The mission is to save energy and combat global warming. Retailers are selling off their stock of traditional bulbs until they run out, says the New York Times.

Could a similar ban make sense on these shores? It might ...Changing a light-bulb to a more energy-efficient CFL or LED can collectively make a significant difference. Yes, the bulbs are more expensive on the front-end but will pay for themselves in energy costs over the long haul. (In fact, depending on bulb, they last five or more years!)

Here are some ways to let the (energy-efficient) light shine:

Candles are always in style. They add a warm glow to any room as well as a delicate fragrance. Choose a stylish soy candle because they are the most clean-burning.

Natural Light
Open the curtains - it's free! Relying on natural light for part of your day will save electricity. You might be surprised by how little natural light is required to do most tasks around your apartment.

City Light
A particularly bright city street can actually be an advantage. If you don't mind leaving your curtains open it can illuminate on the cheap. Just don't forget to close the drapes when you change clothes or shower!

Still seeking more light? Cross your fingers. If we're lucky a seven-shade LED light-bulb will be on the market in the United States soon!
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