Piano buying book is free online

Piano Buyer bookIf you're thinking of buying a piano, you might need some help beyond what the salesperson tells you in the showroom.

For the first time, the "Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer," a book with a list price of $24.95, is free online.

The guide is compiled by Larry Fine, who has published a consumer reference on piano buying since 1987.

Fine has updated his work every year since 1996 by publishing the annual supplement to his book titled "The Piano Book: Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano," which is being replaced by the new book that's free online.

The online edition is easy to flip through and looks as good as an online book can. The book can still be bought in stores or online if piano buyers want to thumb through it in a showroom. The latest version was released this month.

The book has brief articles and tips on basic piano buying issues, such as what to look for when buying a new, used, or restored acoustic, digital or player piano. Pricing information is also available on the Web site in a free, searchable database.

With 60,000 acoustic pianos made by 30 builders in a dozen countries under 70 brand names sold in the United States each year, a free guide could help buyers wade through it all.

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