Seven Pirate Games for No Loot

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so let loose your best "Arrrrr!" and then head to the high seas of gaming with these seven swashbuckling games.

Cake Pirate

In Cake Pirate, defend your cake-making base from a band of pirates, who as you might guess, want to get their hooks into your pink frosted goodies. Known as a Tower Defense Games, you set up towers that each feature a unique defensive attack. Placing the right tower along the right spot on the winding waterways can earn upgrades for your towers and new recipes for better cupcakes. Bright, colorful and easy to play, Cake Pirate is sweet on fun for hours of enjoyment.

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Pirates and Treasure

Here's a teen-ish rated storyline (booze and blood) where a pirate beats up fellow bearded folk, runs over those adrift at sea and causes all sorts of general mayhem. Basically a series of mini-games, your pirate works though car matching games, barrier reef mazes, protecting yourself from the natives' arrows with a sea turtle and the like. Don't let it's cute look scare you off, it's a jolly good time.

Ditching the swords, ships and treasure, Redbeard looks like a Super Mario game but it's actually a good disguise for a puzzle game. Rather than jump on turtles and eat mushroom, Redbeard's skills require him to get orbs of a certain color that activate ledges that help him finish each level. Don't be deceived, the puzzles get progressively more challenging, especially as the jumps require more precise timing. True, it looks like Redbeard traded in his pirate gear for leotards, but that just makes him more fun, right?

Captain Jack Adventure! Pirates

You command a pirate vessel upstream, turning and speeding up with the arrow keys. Until enemy ships starts shooting their cannons at you. Then your mouse is used to shoot back. At first, the slow rate of speed may seem like it poses no challenge but turning to miss islands, grabbing coins and shooting back at multiple ships makes this adventure an unexpected pirate challenge that's highly recommended.

Pirate Golf Adventure

As the young pirate Caribo, your golfing goal here isn't for leisure, it's to help fellow pirates, a girl and get as many coins as possible. Whereas other golf games require you to gauge distance and strike the ball, Pirate Golf Adventure tasks players with using their mouse to click on the golf ball and moving it in a direction in order to move. With no tee, you actually shoot the ball in other directions while it's in the air! Balls smash alligators, break down bridges and other contraptions as each level looks so colorful and cute... we wonder about Caribo's true pirate nature.

Roll Roll Pirate

In this 3-D game of skill, you use your arrow keys to move a pirate ball around a series of mazes, which happen to be a series of islands. Roll too far off the paths or go to fast and you might miss the gems or your way back to complete the mazes. With increasing difficulty during the first 20 islands, conquering this pirate adventure leaves the blades at home for a little island bowling.

Master of the Secret Sea

Trading, selling and looting goods is the name of the game with Master of the Secret Sea. Based on the classic PC game Pirates, you're asked to become a trader, explorer or pirate after you build up your skills by fighting pirates, trading goods and hiring deckhands. More involved than a regular casual game, this one's reserved for players looking for a more strategic game experience and high level of tolerance for lots of spelling errors.
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