Seven Pirate Games for No Loot


Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so let loose your best "Arrrrr!" and then head to the high seas of gaming with these seven swashbuckling games.

Cake Pirate

In Cake Pirate, defend your cake-making base from a band of pirates, who as you might guess, want to get their hooks into your pink frosted goodies. Known as a Tower Defense Games, you set up towers that each feature a unique defensive attack. Placing the right tower along the right spot on the winding waterways can earn upgrades for your towers and new recipes for better cupcakes. Bright, colorful and easy to play, Cake Pirate is sweet on fun for hours of enjoyment.

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Pirates and Treasure

Here's a teen-ish rated storyline (booze and blood) where a pirate beats up fellow bearded folk, runs over those adrift at sea and causes all sorts of general mayhem. Basically a series of mini-games, your pirate works though car matching games, barrier reef mazes, protecting yourself from the natives' arrows with a sea turtle and the like. Don't let it's cute look scare you off, it's a jolly good time.

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