Recession Got You Renting Again?

Don't sweat it. Whether by circumstance or choice, renting again ain't so bad. In fact, it might be the smartest financial move you make. In addition to enjoying your weekends while your home-owner friends are cleaning gutters and fixing toilets on Saturday afternoons, you've got some other reasons to be happy.
Remember the financial advantages of living in an apartment
Your new apartment is probably smaller than your previous residence. Therefore, there's a good chance your heating, cooling, and other utility bills will be less expensive, too. You'll also skip property taxes and homeowner's association fees.

Consider the reduction of "stuff" a good thing
Invariably you'll have to pare down to move from a house to an apartment. This can be difficult. However, it can also be freeing. Editing your possessions down means keeping only the things that are really important to you. Consider it decluttering your life.

Your chore list just got smaller
No more mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, or a myriad of other tasks. Well done.

A new beginning

Transition from a home to an apartment marks a new beginning. Make the most of it. If you're feeling "homesick" remember to regularly connect with the people who matter most. Reach out to new people and make an effort to get socially involved.
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