Would You Live in One of These Famous Cribs?

Our home (or apartment) is our castle. But not all are this sweet. Here are some famous addresses making real estate news recently. Wouldn't it be a dream to rent one of these famous spots?

President Obama's Neighbor

Back in the '70s, you could buy a house in President Obama's Chicago neighborhood for around $35,000. That's what this couple did at 5040 Greenwood. Flash forward, you're living next door to the first African-American President and want to sell your house. (Or do they just want to cash in on their now-famous address?)

If the owners of 5040 Greenwood agreed to let you do a lease-to-own option (where a portion of your rent goes toward the purchase of a home), you'd have access to the biggest, baddest Neighborhood Watch program: the Secret Service.

(via The New York Times)

The Kennedy Compound

The Kennedy family home is ubiquitous with the rise of so many famous political sons....and their well-publicized scandals, heartbreaks, and hardships. The family house for JFK, U.S. Senator and U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and Senator Ted Kennedy has an undecided fate. There is serious talk of making it into a museum.

If the Kennedy compound were made into a multi-unit rental, however, it'd be pretty sweet. You'd be right on the beach, drenched in history, and maybe even pick up a New England accent.

(via Cyberhomes)

Hugh Hefner's House

Remember when Hef was a married man? Technically, he's still married, but separated from, former playmate Kimberley. Now that Hef and Kimberley's two sons are in college it's time to do what others do when the kids leave: sell the house. Except, of course, this house is next door to the famous Playboy Mansion.

The new resident? Twenty-five year old entrepreneur Daren Metropoulos. He's probably not looking for a housemate... or a commitment, but I'll bet he's got a couple of friends lined up.

(via Cyberhomes)

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop himself couldn't even afford the six-figure rent payments every month. His posh rental in Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles cost $100,000 a month and, sadly, is back on the market. Besides the cash, another requirement to rent this house? An OTT love of the "French Chateau" style. (Bleech!)

(via Cyberhomes)

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