World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder Tests Your Social Skills

There's no better way to put to use your social skills to the test than with World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder for PC and Mac. The society building game from Big Fish Games and GameInvest puts you in charge of rebuilding and expanding seven kingdoms.

"We designed World of Zellians: Kingdom Builderto be accessible for everyone, from seasoned city-building veterans to new players who are trying their first strategy title," says GameInvest's Mariana Cardoso.

Keeping the villagers happy is the key to success, which is done by building roads, farms, shops, orchards and the like. Players will also be able to strategically create, move and destroy objects in the game. As the game progresses, players will win trophies and gain access to new kingdoms.

World of Zellians looks like a like a fun, Civilization-style game, but (legal) access is fairly limited at the moment. The strategy game is only available for Big Fish Game Club members (membership costs $6.99 a month), and there's no free demo. We've contacted a PR rep to see when the game will be available to non-members and how much it will cost. Fortunately, the exclusive lasts only for a day -- Zellians will be open for non-members to play tomorrow, September 19 and will cost $6.99.
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