Why your handbag should be an investment

hindmarch handbag
hindmarch handbag

People often feel like they can't financially keep up with fashion -- and the truth is, that has less to do with your finances and more to do with fashion itself.

What I mean is: in America, especially, fashion is funneled through the obsession of keeping track of what's this-minute, this-season, in, out (Kristin Young over at our sister blog Luxist wrote a great post on the subject this week). Fashion often means living and dying by trends, when it should be more about buying pieces that will flatter and thrill you forever.

Sure, that's easier said than done -- but a simple place to start is with your everyday handbag. We asked the fabulous designer Anya Hindmarch (who's launching a new line of bespoke accessories on Sept. 21) for a little investment advice.