Tips for Halloween savings


With the average person spending about $66 on Halloween supplies -- costumes, candy, decorations and greeting cards -- the holiday can get expensive.

Halloween was once a low-budget holiday. Families made treats such as popcorn balls and taffy apples, made costumes out of old bed sheets, and made their own decorations.

That was then. Now it's a major holiday, requiring imaginative costumes for both kids and adults. Sure, you can still make your kids' costumes, but few busy parents have time for that anymore.? As Halloween creeps up on Christmas and Valentine's Day as the most expensive holiday of the year, here are some of the tips that is offering to help save you terrifying amounts of money during this dark night. Naturally, many of the site's tips are connected to the coupons it offers, but also check out the sites linked to below.

  1. Get coupons for the top 2009 Halloween costumes such as Harry Potter, Wolverine, Star Trek characters, Hannah Montana and Michael Jackson. Check out, or

  2. Take costumes from previous Halloweens and update them. Twice I've had my young daughter wear the same costume, which she looked just as cute in the second time. Turn a vampire cape into a Hogwart's cloak with a few accessories.

  3. Buy candy in bulk online at such sites as

  4. Buy early or buy late to get the best deals on candy, costumes and decorations. The day after Halloween, buy decorations and costumes for next year.

  5. Make your own Halloween decorations and costumes. Get started at, and

  6. Look for online stores with free standard shipping.

  7. Check your local newspaper and mailers for local coupons.

Give some of these a try, and avoid scaring the bejesus out of your budget this year.