Three Killer Secrets to Beating Zuma's Revenge


Zuma's Revenge from PopCap arrived on Tuesday, and the puzzle game has already stolen away the better portion of our week. As you attempt to conquer the Zuma-verse, we wanted to give you three killer tips that will make you top frog on Tiki Island, courtesy of Gamezebo.

Tip #1: If you have a stone that you can't use at the moment, shoot them off into nowhere, rather than adding them into the line of stones, especially if you're close to losing.

Tip #2: If you create a gap between two stones of the same color, the entire line of stones will roll in reverse.

Tip #3:
To tackle more difficult levels, focus on clearing balls near the front of the line and scoring chain bonuses, which results in filling up the Zuma meter faster (when full, you hear "Zuma!" and the balls roll backwards briefly)

These three tips will help you turn into a ball-busting pro,and if you want more, head to GameZebo's comprehensive guide to the Zuma's Revenge, including strategies for the six boss battles. You can also check out our general Zuma tips, which can be used in this game as well.

Ready to be the baddest frog in the entire Zuma-verse? Start playing now.

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