Special Report: The financial meltdown, one year later


Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy filing on Sept. 15, 2008 set off a nuclear winter that's still chilling the bones of global finance and commerce a year later. Of course, Lehman's monumental collapse was just one in a series major financial and economic blows, and while the world may not have ended, it sure is different today. Informed with the perspective gained from time--and hard experience--Daily Finance writers and editors have put together a must-read multifaceted special report covering the world's new landscape.

The topics we've examined range from how total catastrophe was averted to the still unreformed architecture of Wall Street, from the lessons investors have (and haven't) learned to where things might go from here. In between, we've laid out the impacts on white collar workers, consumers and even celebrities. And don't miss the gallery of art and design inspired by the meltdown. No matter what your particular interest, in the series of "One Year Later" articles listed below you're sure to find information and insights you won't get anywhere else. (Click here or the headline above to see the full list.)

One Year Later:

To hell and (almost) back?

Lessons we (should have) learned from the crash