Monopoly City Streets: It's Baaaaack!


Log in to Monopoly City Streets, and you will find the game has completely been rebooted. That means you'll have to start over from scratch, re-registering and making due with a starting bank balance of $3 million Monopoly dollars.

Other big changes have been made to the game as well:

- Streets can only be sold once a day.

- Bidding cap removed: for level 3 and above, there is no longer a bidding cap of $1.5M

- 'For Sale' Signs Added: you'll be able to see red for sale signs when looking at a zoomed out map

- The Tax Man Cometh: Just like real life, you gotta pay taxes. First five streets are tax-free, any more than that will be hit with a 3% tax per day.

- No more street protection: streets under negotiation are no longer safe from hazards and the bulldozer

- Beware the Repo Man: If you haven't played in two weeks, the bank will repossess all of your streets.

- Mr. Monopoly has already bought up lots of streets, which he will put on sale at a later date!

After the reboot, I logged in and made a vain attempt to buy Spring Street in NYC (my home street), only to find that it has already been snapped up, and my offer was just rejected by the owner. And so the game begins...

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