Hide that Stanky Litter Box

You may love your cat but chances are you don't love the litterbox. Why not hide it? Using some simple materials and easy-to-use directions you can create a stylish, washable curtain to conceal the litter box.

Here are the simplified instructions as well as a link to more in-depth directions. Click to continue. It's easy!

You'll Need:
Fabric you love
Screwdriver (to unscrew, and/or, a drink to enjoy)
Fabric glue or sewing machine
Velcro fabric strip or small nails and hammer

1. Choose a washable fabric you love.

2. Remove the cabinet door underneath your sink (or similar location) using screwdrivers. Retain these so you can replace the door when you move out.

3. Measure the opening and cut two panels slightly longer to fit. Hem the panels for a clean fabric edge.

4. Connect the panels, side-by-side, by about six inches to create a flap so your cat can enter and exit. Glue or stitch velcro to the back of the panels. Stick the other piece of velcro to the the cabinet opening.

5. Adhere the curtain using velcro or small nails (you'll need to fill the holes with spackle or plain white toothpaste when you move out).

All done!

via Simply Fun Stuff
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