Hidden Objects Meet Free Casino Games in Slingo: Mystery


If you've found yourself struggling to make time for both your hidden object and casino game addictions, we've got your solution right here. Funkitron and Slingo have partnered up to release a brand new game, Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold? -- it combines a drama-filled storyline (you play as the broke ex-wife of a dead millionaire attempting to both solve the mystery and find as much of his money as possible) with two already popular online game genres.

We took the demo for a run earlier today -- it's essentially a hidden object game interspersed with Slingo minigames (for example, you'll have to 'win' a Slingo game in order to reveal one of the hidden objects). The storyline's pretty wacky - at one point we were breaking open vases in an attempt to find our ex-husband's money - but fun and hokey. You can download the one-hour demo for Slingo Mystery now - the full version can be purchased for $19.95.

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