Free night of theater Oct. 15

TheaterWith more than 75,000 free tickets available, you'd think that there would be no problem getting tickets for the Free Night of Theater 2009 event on Oct. 15.

But as WalletPop's Geoff Williams pointed out last year, it's a good idea to jump fast at the offer if you want to find free theater tickets in your area.

Participating theaters will be listed on the Web site, which recommends checking back Friday, Sept. 18 for details on cities and participating theaters.

Most participating regions are expected to open their online ticket reservations on or about Oct. 1, so check back by then.

Last fall, 650 theater companies in 120 cities across the country welcomed more than 65,000 new theatergoers, according to the Web site.

Last year the policy was one reservation per person, so be sure to sign up fast when the free tickets go up.

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