Will Facebook kill Google?


Will social networking giant Facebook kill search giant Google by sucking up advertising dollars? In the short term, the answer is clearly no. Longer term, that answer is very unclear. I chatted with nearly two dozen people who are buying ads on Facebook. Many of them are also purchasing ads on Google (GOOG) and other online venues. The overwhelming sentiment? Facebook ads are actually more effective and do a better job of getting them in front of their target audiences.

Take the case of Christine Caravo, founder of gift box company Carebox. She ran parallel ads on Facebook and Google and compared them both on Google Analytics, Google's free Web analytics tool. "I found that I got much more bang for my buck with Facebook," she says. "I went though $100 on Google Adwords in a couple days and only got 34 clicks. I spent $60 on the same campaign on Facebook and got 300 clicks."