'Where's Bunny?' - the Hardest Hidden Object Game You'll Play Today


We know you guys are fans of hidden object games on our site, but we're pretty sure you've never played one quite like 'Where's Bunny?- NYC Edition', a free online game on USA Network's Character Arcade. This 'Where's Waldo?'-style game will be the one responsible for your early onset eyesight loss (joking, but do be careful how close your face is to the screen).

Like most hidden object games, 'Where's Bunny?' tasks players with finding a certain set of objects -- in this case, there are four bunnies hidden in each screen. Unlike most hidden object games, you'll actually need to use a camera viewfinder to pan around and zoom in/out to search for the very (very) well concealed rabbits.

Finding and snapping a photo of the bunnies in each of seven New York City locations (Wall Street, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Public Library, Times Square and Grand Central) unlocks clues to Bunny's next destination -- presumably, USA is going to release a new edition of the game soon.

We're not going to lie -- this game is hard. You're only given fifteen minutes to find as many bunnies as you can across all of the locations, not to mention they don't stay in the same place if you restart your game. Best of luck to those who embark on this quest -- and make sure you come back to tell us what you think about it!

Play 'Where's Bunny?' now >

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