Celebrity Tattoo Artist Designs Tatts for Your Table

Think of it as pain-free tattoos. Or street -cred for your dinner table.

Caroline Pople and Dave Harding started Ink Dish when they realized there was something missing from the tabletop market: cool plates. So they commissioned top tattoo artist Paul Timman to create some designs for their first line of china.

Timman's known for his tribal and Japanese tattoo designs and the company's first line, Izreumi (left), is a riff on his Japanese-style tatts. Much cooler than grandma's china, eh?
In case you don't know much about the tattoo world, Timman is big on the scene. He works at Sunset Strip Tattoo in L.A. and has inked many an A-lister like J-Lo, Drew Barrymore, Tommy Lee, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck - he even tattooed Pam Anderson's famous wedding ring.

Before he got into ink, Timman studied art. I wonder if this china will lead him to other home decor. Pillows next, perhaps?

Timman designed two other lines for Ink Dish, Tribal Lines (right) and Cherry Ink, which features red cherry blossom branches. And it's all microwave and dishwasher safe. The perfect alternative-wedding present. Even Metropolitan Home thinks so. Ink Dish china landed on the magazine's prestigious Design 100 list.

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