Peggle Pro Scores 18 Million Points: Can You Beat It?


Pop Cap's addictive game Peggle is a worldwide pastime for many, but for players like Steven Day, it's all about high scores. Day, a UK-based software developer, spent days perfecting his Peggle skills, with the goal to beat Aussie player Max Daube's all-time high of 13 million points. After practicing for at least an hour a day (with a few three- to four-hour binge sessions), Day finally topped Daube's score, racking up over 18 million points.

Day recorded his record-breaking game and uploaded a YouTube video to prove his accomplishment, with details on how he beat Peggle's final level, Beyond Reason. He also added helpful tips on how fellow players can recreate his winning score.

"I'm under no illusion that my score is somehow 'unbeatable' - and in fact would love to see someone top it," Day says. "That was the intention behind the tutorial in the video, to see if collectively the Peggle community could compile enough information to achieve and even better shot and score."

After a year of waiting, his high score of 18,061,920 still stands. Do you have what it takes to beat it?

Originally published