Martha Kicks Kmart to the Curb

She's movin' on up. Smell ya later Kmart partnership! It did always feel a little down-market for Martha. So on to greener pastures. Martha's new partnership with Home Depot, which she announced on Tuesday on her show, is slightly peculiar, since HD is the home improvement store favored by men, while Lowe's is known to be more female-friendly. But maybe clever Martha realizes she's already got all us helpless homemakers cornered and it's time to get macho.

Check out Martha's lovefest with Home Depot on her show. My favorite part: Martha gushing over her "most fabulous apron" from the HD crew. Awwwww, it was the least they could do. You're about to make them rich, Martha! Or, uh, richer!!

So where oh where can you get your fav Martha-sanctioned stuff?

Here's a quick guide to the many Martha partnerships. On a side note, her company MSLO announced a $22 million drop in revenues this year mostly due to a drop in ad sales. So Martha's clever to capitalize on her name with as many licensed products as we'll buy. You're my idol, M.

Now, where to get your Martha Magic:

Kmart's still carrying the low-end Martha Stewart Everyday line but her contract is up Jan. 2010. So now's the time to get some deals on towels, pots and pans, and home decor. I actually love the Whisper Tumblers, on sale for $5. They look just like a Ralph Lauren version with a similar plaid motif I've had my eyes on.

Macy's carries the bulk of Martha's wares in their Martha Stewart Collection. Here you've got bedding, bath, kitchen, furniture, rugs, even fine china. It's all great-looking and pretty affordable. She's got a great line of knock-off Le Creuset enamel cast iron pots that'll fool any chef.

If you're a Lowe's loyalist, don't worry, Martha's got her hands in there, too. She's got a line of paint colors and suggested palettes. How did Lowe's let her cheat on them with HD?

Home Depot
Last but not least, Martha products for the country's largest home improvement chain won't be on shelves until January. And, strangely, they're launching patio furniture at that time. Maybe they're banking on global warming. Anyway, she'll also have a line of storage & organization and home decor products. In the meantime, she's given her stamp of approval on certain HD products already in the store. Check out her picks at Martha's toolbox.

Also, lest we forget:

Martha teamed up with this ingenious recycled rug company to give their rug tiles her signature tans and pastel hues. Want to know more about recycled rugs? Read our picks for the best (including FLOR).

Grandin Road
Martha gets holloweeny for this catalog company with spooky invites, decorations and other non-essentials for what's becoming the biggest decoration-holiday of the year.


The woman keeps busy. She's even got a line of flowers. (Could save you from sending Aunt Rose carnations.) This hydrangea plant runs $60.

Everything for the Martha-obsessed scrap booking set at Walmart. How did we ever make a card before MS came along?

Murray Fleiss Lighting
Pretend that you're holed up in her Westport, Conn. estate with one of these lamps modeled ones she owns through this site.

Kodak Gallery and Shutterfly

Fer god sakes, she's even got a line of cards, invites and photo albums here and here. Tasteful, as always.

Martha, I do believe you rule the world. I may even have to start following you on Twitter.

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