Kanye Versus Taylor - Win the Game and Change VMA History!

Last Sunday's MTV VIdeo Music Awards left viewers reeling after Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video. Blogs and social networks lit up with angry comments against West, who grabbed the mic from the 19 year-old country singer to declare that the award should've gone to another nominee, Beyonce.

So what did one independent Flash developer do? Create a quick game capitalizing on the controversy, of course! "Kanye vs Taylor" gives players the chance to change VMA history -- instead of standing by speechlessly, you (as Taylor) can bludgeon Kanye with the Moonman statuette to keep him off the stage and (if you're good enough with a spacebar) finish thanking all the people who helped you make the winning video.

An impressive game it's not, but for the low price of free it's a good way to vent your day's frustrations.

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