Fashion Week Makeover: Dress Like Your Pad

I love the sunny, Palm-Springs vibe of Trina Turk clothes but it's far from reflected in my home. My apartment is more granny-drab than '60s-chic. So I was excited to hear that ole Trina has her own line of home accessories. There's nothing like a throw pillow to liven things up. And since I'm not sure I could go full-on '60s in the apartment, a pillow might be just the right touch.

Here's a link to her online boutique. And since she only has one residential store in Palm Springs, they've cleverly loaded photos of all the items for sale, including pillows, fabric, furniture and vintage items, on this Shudderfly site (but you'll have to call the store to order).

Lately there's more and more crossover between the fashion and interior design worlds. One of the most fun examples of this is the What Is James Wearing? a blog written by New York interior designer James Andrew, a man who puts as much care into his appearance as his rooms. What's fun about this blog is that he dresses to match the mood of his interiors, whether exotic, bold, modern, traditional.

James got me thinking about what I might be wearing if I dressed to match my home. Since I'm not keen on wearing plain tan and brown, I realized maybe my interior isn't flattering me either. I think it's time to accessorize...

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