Did collection calls contribute to Floridian's death?

Florida law firm Morgan and Morgan filed a first-of-its-kind lawsuit alleging that a company's collection calls were so frequent and harassing that they contributed to a person's death because they increased Stanley McLeod's blood pressure and stress levels.

McLeod's debt problems stemmed from the fact that he had difficulty paying his mortgage because he had to quit his job at Sears after suffering a massive heart attack.

Dianne McLeod, Stanley's wife, described how he would get 10 to 12 calls each day. With each call his face would turn red and he'd experience shortness of breath.

McLeod saved tapes of some of the messages left on their answering machine. One message even commented on the expensive helicopter ride that saved Stanley's life: "Get your act together and make the payments on your mortgage. Why don't you have that helicopter pick you up and bring that payment to the office."