Awwww: Free deal for kid movie rentals at Hollywood Video isn't nationwide


As the father of a 5-year-old, I'm always looking for stuff to do with my child. Especially free stuff.

But when I came upon an online offer of free kid movie video rentals at Hollywood Video, I was skeptical. I found blogger after blogger after blogger who made it sound like the free offer was at all of the company's stores nationwide.

If it was true, I expected to find the deal reported on at WalletPop and by the national news media. After all, free movie rentals for kids is a freebie many people would gladly take advantage of.

The press release from PRNewswire says the free movies are "available now at nearly 1,800 Hollywood Video stores nationwide."


I e-mailed Hollywood Video to find out what was up with the widely circulated press release from Aug. 16. The old date led me to believe that it wasn't for real, along with the fact that the promotion wasn't on the company's Web site.

It turned out I was right, at least partly. The promotion was only for stores in Portland, Oregon. Not nationwide.

"This promotion is a promotion that is strictly being offered at select Portland, OR stores in children's movies," read an e-mail reply from a Hollywood Video customer relations representative. "Each movie that is included in this promotion with have (sic) stickers placed on them so that they can be identified by our customer's (sic)."

For Hollywood Video customers in Portland, Ore., or at least the participating stores in Portland, it's a freebie to take advantage of. Too bad the rest of the country can't get in on the deal, too.