WWE CEO Linda McMahon resigns to lay a smackdown on the U.S. Senate

Things are about to get real interesting up in Connecticut. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has announced that CEO Linda McMahon is resigning in order to run for Connecticut's U.S. Senate seat. Yes ladies and gents, it appears that the McMahon family is aiming to add a senator to its roster. Her husband, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is going to take over the CEO position. Perhaps this will keep Vince out of the wrestling action and behind the cameras a bit more.

Linda McMahon believes that Washington is "out of control" and that Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd has "lost his way and our trust." Considering that Linda McMahon is going to fight with three other Republicans for the seat, we could see a bit of a battle royale shaping up -- or is it a cage match? If she wins, can you picture her acceptance press conference? Imagine: lowered lights, a smoke machine, strobes, and Mrs. McMahon emerging from behind a rhinestone-studded curtain to the rampaging strains of some heavy metal song. That would sure make things a bit more interesting. Perhaps the Rock will walk out and announce, "Finally, the McMahons have come back to Washington." Or Shawn Michaels and Triple H could come out and do their typical D-Generation X introductions (which are a bit too risque to go into here). One thing is certain, this is going to be fun.
I haven't watched a wrestling program in a number of years, but reports are that Linda and Vince McMahon have attempted to make the WWE's product a bit more family friendly. That would be a big change from the last time I watched, back when it was the WWF and was definitely not family friendly. In fact, reports show that WWE may be expanding; Vince McMahon has hinted at plans to launch a cable channel, as well as plans to make more movies starring wrestlers. (WWE's forays into film haven't worked so well thus far; remember that the Rock's successful movies have been produced by other companies).

All that said, should we have a problem with Linda McMahon running for the Senate? No, such a run is what America is about: a businesswoman seeing a problem and trying to do something about it. I know that I am rooting for her, for no reason other than wanting to see Hulk Hogan come in and give an impassioned speech about health care reform -- brother. That, or for the possibility that any time someone interrupts Sen. McMahon, she might unleash Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka from a balcony overlooking the Senate floor. The thunder in the Rotunda . . . priceless.
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