FarmVille in Real Life

After planting soybeans, strawberries and everything else under the sun in Zynga's FarmVille, you might have dreamed about living the life of a farmer, sowing your crops and living the easy life with friendly neighbors. While converting from your home or office gig may not be in your immediate future, people are already living in the real Farmville. Well, Farmvilles. We hunted around and discovered two real towns that existed before Zygna popularized the name

Interestingly, neither town has used the social game's popularity to increase its tourism... yet.

Farmville, Virginia

Home to Longwood University (singer Jason Mraz was a student) and Hampden-Syndey College (the 10th oldest college in the U.S.), this town of over 6,800 doesn't features expertly sculpted fields, perfect crops but as a sleepy community with close proximity to Lynchburg and Richmond, it's bound to have good lawns.

Farmville, North Carolina

Located in the heart of North Carolina, Farmville boasts a rich farming history that occurred during the early days of tobacco cultivation. Located about an hour away from the urban center of Raleigh, it may have placed less importance on it's farming heritage... until they discover Zynga's version of their town.
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