"Roosters on the Stoop Throwing Up Gang Signs..."

Your next apartment neighbor might just be.... a chicken.

At least, that's what a growing number of people opposed to factory farming conditions would like to see happen in both urban and residential areas. What do you think? Would you live next door to a backyard chicken coop?

There are more than a few critics. Some assert raising chickens near residential property will increase the population of wild animals and possibly cause unsanitary conditions. The most hotly debated issue is whether or not backyard chicken coops will drive down property values (and hence, rental rates).

Barbara Palermo, a woman from Salem, Oregon is pro-backyard chickens. Earlier this year a neighbor forced the city to shut her down. She's now working on a documentary. Humorously referencing the "broken window theory" of crime prevention (that visible disrepair invites crime and rental vacancies), she put together a video with a few choice lines:

"You know they're out there somewhere, hiding chickens in the yard. So you better watch your back, don't let down your guard.

'Cause the next thing you know, this will lead to other crimes. The hood goes downhill, we see it all the time.

Roosters on the stoop throwing up gang signs, hens on the corner flippin' tricks to earn a dime.

Prostitution, meth labs, gambling and more. Why can't you people just get eggs at the store?"

watch the video here

via Wall Street Journal
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